Monday, April 28, 2014

Starting Over

I originally started this blog to have a place that I could share my thoughts & ideas, my crafts & diy creations, interesting ideas etc.  It's a place that I would post on anything that didn't have to do with my family or photography.  I didn't want to bog down my either of those blogs.  Today, I decided that I will be gutting this blog and restarting it, starting over.  I plan on taking it in a totally different direction, exploring things that interests me.  With my photography/artistic blog, it was easy to get regular readers and plenty of people have come to my blog.  I love it!  It has been great, fun, and something I love to do.  So, now it's time for me to get this blog up and running.

The beginning.......................................................
What you can expect from my new blog, well that's simple----pieces of me.  The sole purpose of this blog is to have a place that I could share things that I enjoy, things of interest, things I am thinking about, and things that make me tick.  All my posts will fall into one of the categories below.  My topics I will explore are:
1. Simple living (like my minimalism beginnings),
2. My frugalness & great money saving ideas (which I the master at, just you wait & see.  I can contend with the best of the best in this category),
3. Diy stuff like recycling or upcycling or primitives that I love,
4. Homemade food & recipes,
5. Parenting tips & ideas,
6. Natural & green living,
7. My gardening mishaps,
8. Our unique reptile "farm",
9. Healthy living ideas,
10. Homesteading stuff
~~~~There will be something for everyone.~~~~

To break the ice, I will put up some things about me.  Since I am 34 (eekkk can't believe I'm that old)

34 Interesting Facts About Me **(this is harder than you it looks)**
1. I wished my parents were a little more original with my name and spelled it Sera
2. I have an obsession with vampires in movies & books (i can't read or see enough)
3. farting is super funny to me & I almost always laugh about it
4. I DON'T care what anyone thinks of me (anyone other than Jason and the kids)
5. I was raised to be super independent, which I am PROUD of it.
6. I sometimes miss my lip being pierced (well not lip but below it just not sure how to spell that--close enough)
7. I love tattoos and will be getting a new one soon, I hope & a leg band soon after that
8. I can't help it that I look like a bitch----either get to know me or don't
9. The moment one stops caring what others think, it the most liberating moment of their life-it was for me
10. I have 3 amazing friends that I consider my sisters-they spice up my life as I do to theirs
11. I love to laugh at myself for the stupid Sera moments (which happens a lot)
12. My favorite TV shows are the Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, & My Little Ponies (remember no judging)
13. I'm a closet nerd
14. I love the smell of rain & gas
15.I have a super duper duper nose, which isn't always the best thing in the world to have, let me tell you
16. Call me Wolverine because I heal super quickly, its almost scary
17. Sci-Fi channel is my absolute favorite channel, well when we had cable it was
18. a pet peeve of mine is having someone blow their nose while you eat....nasty
19. I look forwards to Wednesdays & Thursdays mail because it has the grocery fliers for upcoming sales
20. You will see a ton of pics on my new blog.
21. I am hilarious but I do have a weird sense of humor, sometimes ;)
22. On a warm rainy night, I used to love dancing in the rain.  It's a shame I don't much anymore :)
23. I truly love myself, as everyone should (and no, not in the conceded way-this has been a long time coming)
24. My self esteem was a 0 for awhile and now its around  80-(I'm a work in progress)
25. I fell in love with Ireland a long time ago- its the 1st place that I will travel to with Jason in the next 5-10 yrs
26. Every now and then, you need to leave your comfort zone...............learn from me, its worth it
27. I have a famous distant relative: Clark Gable- maybe you would know Rhett 
28. Another famous distant distant relative: James Joyce-the Irish author 
29. Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist, a singer, or an actress
30. I am a really good singer which most people don't know
31. I love to dance & sing with my children as much as possible-they love it as much as I do
32.  When everyone is gone and its just the girlies and I, we all walk around in our undies...Just warning u
33.  When I reply to someone's comment I didn't realize but I use the smiley face WAY to much :)
34. Raising kids can be hard, being a wife can be hard........but its the most important, happiest, rewarding thing I could ever do.  Having a large family is the ONE thing I always prayed for as a child.  And god was listening to me, even when I thought for sure he wasn't.  I am thankful everyday that I was given such an amazing family to be a part of!!

Now it's your turn........
What is something unique about you?